Legislator Brian Scavo fights character assassination

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lawmaker Responds to Challenge BRIAN SCAVO


As the leader of the 7th district it’s my honor to serve and vote against any tax and fee’s that has come across my desk and create innovative laws that protect our women and children. We are focused on building a new Albany county nurshing home and recently , I helped defeat the proposed sales tax increase, as the first legislator to fight for Thacher park and at my urging the Albany County Legislature sent the Public Service Commission a letter demanding no rate hike increases from national grid. let me point to resolution 305-a the first responder apreciation program to help take some of the burden from our first responders in Albany county, police and firefighters . I created the Cyber Bullying law for Albany county which will protectour women and children and families from internet predators and is the toughest law in NYS and I may add this law will not impede our first amendment rights or infringe on political commentary and will not be used for frivilous action. I brought forth resolution 371 another law to create jobs and revenuefor Albany county. I also was a major sponsor of the Gun Buyback program. I also voted against local law A. As a member of the conservation committee I sponsored the normanskill rail trail and much more. Yes Brian Scavo has gone green by sponsoring the Albany county Renewable Energy Authority, passed by all legislators and we are waiting for our state senator to move this important ground breaking action forward to lower utility costs for the residents and businesses of Albany county. I have fought to protect our senior citizens and disabled and our working families and will continue to do so. My message today is for concerned folks to call The Public service Commission and tell national grid not to raise our utilty rates in Albany county and upstate New York. CALL 1800-335-2120 and tell the PSC,,, NO to utility rate hikes in upstate New york. Now folks were facing the largest tax increases in Albany since ww2and i know the needs and concerns of the people and i can tell you right now that democrats don’t want tax increases. Forget about character assassination or false legal actions , it is the needs of the people that come first . To me it’s all about helping people and that’s what i will continue to do and that’s what i do best.
God bless you all
 Legislator Brian Scavo