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Monday, June 21, 2010

Caring For Our Families & Seniors Citizens... BRIAN SCAVO

Legislator: BRIAN SCAVO
Democrat 7th District                                                                               
Phone: 518-465-8915                 
                 “Helping People”

Caring For Our Families & Senior Citizens
Legislator Brian Scavo, and members of the Albany County legislature, invite the people of Albany to the “Albany County Nursing Home Car Show“ on July 10th 2010. Proceeds to this event will go to the Albany County Nursing Home activity fund for our seniors and disabled.  Admission is FREE.  Please come support our seniors and disabled. Also, on Delaware ave on July 10th, will be the yard sale.  All are welcomed to participate.  Construction on Delaware ave, will continue untill the fall of this year and will be completed.  “As a life long resident, of the Delaware neighborhood, the rebuilding of the Delaware neighborhood, is the fulfillment of the campaign promise I made 3 years ago.  To me, its all about helping people.  And that’s what I intend to do, and if you need me, please contact me. I am here for you.”

Caring For Our Neighborhood
“I am seeking more lighting and more improvements for our Delaware neighborhood.  I have also continued to vote against all tax and fee increases.  I know in this tough economic climate, money is tight.  Legislator Brian Scavo is working to improve the quality of life for our home owners & our renters. I want to know if there’s anything I can do to help you and your family.  Please let me know.”

Creating Jobs for our Albany County
Resolution 233 (THE ALBANY COUNTY RENEWABLE ENERGY AUTHORITY) WILL CREATE JOBS. Legislator Brian Scavo and the Albany County Legislature, is moving forward, this legislation in the assembly and the senate.  This would enable Albany County to once again, have a power authority as we did in years past. Under this authority, we would be able to sell green power to the people of Albany County at a discounted cost.  Also it would enable us to create new jobs with a new power company.  Also construction of a new Albany County Nursing Home, next year would also create jobs and boost our local economy in the city of Albany.

Legislator Brian Scavo said:  “Senior citizens are our greatest resource. Let us honor them, with this car show. Show fellowship and friendship, and know of the Albany County Legislature’s commitment to building a new Albany County nursing home.” 

Sincerely Yours,                      
                                                                 Brian Scavo
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